Man Thought of His Kayak
Irene Avaalaaqjaq 1976 *

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David W. Zimmerly

* This belongs to the collection of David & Helga Zimmerly.

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THE VOYAGE OF ERASMUS: Ottawa to the Arctic

To All Friends,

This is the story many of you have been asking us to write.  It has taken us almost 20 years to get around to it, but here it is as a downloadable eBook.  In its  more than 170 pages it includes over 90 photos and charts, some hyperlinks and video.  It is a PDF, and best seen on a laptop or desktop computer screen with a free Adobe Reader (

You can see a description and the Table of Contents, the Foreword by Roy MacSkimming and a sample chapter by clicking the link below.


  • Zimmerly, David W.  1984 ARCTIC PADDLE DESIGN.  Winter.  Sea Kayaker 1(3):8-15.                        Paddles types and distribution, specialized paddles, Aleut paddles, Pacific  
                                 Eskimo paddles,
    Bering Sea paddles, Bering Strait paddles, North Alaska paddles,
                                 Mackenzie Eskimo paddles, Caribou, Netsilik and Iglulik Eskimo paddles, East Arctic
                                 paddles, Greenland
    paddles, and paddle construction.
    PDF: full-text, photos & drawings p. 1 (8), p. 2 (9) p. 3 (10), p. 4 (11),  p. 5 (12), p. 6 (13) p. 7 (14), p. 8 (15)

  • Aleut 1-Hole Paddle FNM #288
    This paddle is unique in that the blade ridge is really a groove.  From the Finland National Museum in Helsinki.  Lew Plummer's reproduction of FNM #228.  
    (click on figures to enlarge)

75ZM28-20   75ZM28-21    75ZM28-22   75ZM28-23    Courtesy of Lew Plummer 
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