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The Voyage of Erasmus
Volume 1 - Ottawa to the Arctic

David and Helga Zimmerly

An adventure-packed, 10-year voyage on Erasmus, their 35' cutter-rigged aluminum sailboat, took David and Helga Zimmerly from Ottawa, Canada to Phuket, Thailand. After a drama-filled Atlantic crossing to Scotland, they traversed the Mediterranean and lived and worked in Turkey, Cyprus, Sudan, Mozambique and Sri Lanka.

In this volume, the first of three, David and Helga describe upending their settled urban lives to go cruising. They recount their early days of learning to sail and their extraordinary voyage up the Labrador coast to the Arctic, where they wintered over in a small Inuit settlement before heading off to Greenland. 

In its 170 lavishly illustrated pages, Volume 1 of The Voyage of Erasmus is packed with humour, great stories, stunning photographs, and charts.  David and Helga’s tale is a heady mix of the familiar and the exotic, the idyllic and the life-threatening, the splendours of the wilderness and the warmth of strangers. It will delight seasoned sailors and armchair travellers alike.

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"Very well written in my estimation; a rapid breezy style that easily maintains interest and attention. I like it. Nicely composed and illustrated, too."
Hayward S. - Bulgaria

"I just finished volume 1 and it was an unbelievable read. What an adventure. I don't think I would have the guts to attempt something like it. Congratulations, I can hardly wait for volume 2 and 3"
—Aldo - New Brunswick

"Can just imagine all the effort it took as it is obvious looking at the detail and professionalism on each page. What a team effort!"
—Donna and Dan - Rhumb Line

"A riveting read!
You two are amazing."
Mike - Perth