Man Thought of His Kayak
Irene Avaalaaqjaq 1976 *

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* This belongs to the collection of David & Helga Zimmerly.

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Aleut 1-hole Kayak
Lowie Museum, University of California, Berkeley, LM 2-14886   (see Lines drawings [18] in PDF)
Aleut 1-Hole Kayak
Courtesy of Small Boat Journal No. 30: 78 April/May 1983.
  • Length  -  16' 8.6"
  • Beam - 20.4"
  • Depth to Sheer  - 8.7"
  • Weight - 26.5 lbs.
  • Loaded kayak stable to 22 degrees

This Lowie Museum Aleut hunting kayak has been built successfully and
paddled joyously by many kayak devotees. This is a boat you can wear while
sea kayaking in any conditions. It rolls well, tracks well, paddles easily and
fits  an average-sized person comfortably. These plans have been used by
present-day Aleut in Alaska. Detailed instructions, lines drawings,
construction drawings and photographs that describe how to build this
outstanding kayak appeared in Small Boat Journal in 1983.  See: Zimmerly,
Building the One-Hole Aleut Baidarka, Small Boat Journal 29:26-31 and
30:78-83 (PDF file - part I and II:
Building the One-Hole Aleut Bidarka - 4.79 mb).  See also Brinck, The Aleutian Kayak.


  • Plan 1 - Plan and overview, construction plan and overview, cross-sectional, table  of offsets, and a plan and overview of a kayak paddle.
  • Plan 2 - Full-size cross-sections showing every 50 centimeters and a full size
    pattern of the cockpit.
  • Plan 3 - Bow construction, upper stem, lower stem, stern keelson, stern
    construction, stern sections, and deck beams.
  • Plan 4 - Deck beam, deck stringer and coaming lashing, rib/stringer lashings,
    mast  step, keelson scarf joint lashing, stringer/keelson scarf joint lashings, sail and  rudder  attachment.
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