Man Thought of His Kayak
Irene Avaalaaqjaq 1976 *

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Kodiak 1-hole Kayak
Danish National Museum, Copenhagen, DNM Ib 160   (see Lines drawing in PDF file)
Kodiak Kayak
Joe Kelly, part of cover for Sea Kayaker 13(1).
  • Length - 14' 2.9"
  • Beam -  25.9"
  • Depth to Sheer -  10.3"
  • Weight - 40.1 lbs. (estimated)
  • Loaded kayak is stable to 56  
The Kodiak is a close cousin of the Aleut kayak, but shorter, wider and with a pointed stern. Both have a bifurcated bow. The ridged deck is common to all kayaks from Norton Sound south. This kayak was built for hunting small sea mammals and should be a good recreational kayak for varied sea conditions. It is unusual in that it was normally paddled from a kneeling position using a single bladed paddle. In the 1980s Dave Kubiak, a teacher at Kodiak High School, worked with students to build and test this kayak. Darrel Short described Dave's work in Wooden Boat, May/June 1984, 58: 68-73. Good construction details are included. More recently, Joe Kelly built this kayak.  He gives a thorough description in Sea Kayaker, April 1996, 13 (1): 38-45. The elegant frame graces the cover (see photo above). 

[see framework of Kodiak photos]
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