Man Thought of His Kayak
Irene Avaalaaqjaq 1976 *

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David W. Zimmerly

* This belongs to the collection of David & Helga Zimmerly.

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This Comparative Heeling Data is from my database.  I calculated the stability characteristics from a computer program  (see Zimmerly, 1982, STABILITY AND TRIM CHARACTERISTICS OF NATIVE WATERCRAFT: A Pp. 31. A computer program to simulate kayak performance characteristics from measurements. [PDF: full-text p. 1, p. 2, p.3, p. 4, p. 5, p. 8, p. 15, p.16; table of Comparative Kayak Data from Simulation Program  pp. 12-14]  ).

The Righting Moment, for the various degrees of heel, turns negative, when the kayak is unstable.  It is mainly based on a kayaker of 150 lbs. seated in the cockpit.

Kayak Stability Characteristics

There are four pages of the PDF files.  

PDF - Stability Characteristics of 56 kayaks; p. 1, p. 2, p. 3, p. 4

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